Oxygen and Awareness by Osho

Only telling you to be alert will not make you meditative; it will not make any difference. So I create devices, I create situations, in which you cannot help but be alert, situations in which dreaminess is impossible.

Dreaminess becomes more possible if there is more carbon dioxide around you; you will be dreamy. That is why in the day you cannot be so dreamy as in the night. The chemical components change. At night there is more carbon dioxide in the air and the oxygen is less.

So if the reverse is possible, if the oxygen in you and around you is more and carbon dioxide is thrown out, you cannot be dreamy. That is why I insist on vigorous breathing.
It is nothing but a chemical device to change the chemical atmosphere in you. More and more oxygen must be there. The more the oxygen, the less you fall victim to the dream, and your memories cannot work without the medium of dreaminess.

In the morning we feel freshness. What happens in the morning with the rising sun? The carbon dioxide decreases and the oxygen increases. So the same chemical change is needed within you.

The Dynamic Meditation technique that we are using… is the most powerful method to create excess oxygen in the body. And after the first three stages, in the fourth, you become charged with tremendous life energy that makes you very alert.

Osho, "I Am the Gate"