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about Osho Dynamic

21 Days OSHO Dynamic Meditation Challenge

A great experience of quick and intense transformation.

Dynamic Impressions

Dont judge this meditation until you try it. This is a very powerful meditation. I felt so much Peace and Contentment afterwards and the surge of energy I had after was awesome. I felt alive and vibrant and more relaxed then I have felt in years. I highly recommend this meditation. Dare to try something totally new and different you will not be dissappointed. Dare to be the change.

Sharee216 from Youtube

This one is sooo liberating! I felt like I was floating on a cloud afterwards.

carmenmich from Youtube

I'd strongly recommend this to everyone. get past the appearance of insanity. Truth is there is enough madness repressed in all of us and this is the safest way to get it out. Give your 100 percent and go mad!

Vaibhav Jain from Youtube